Schoolbooks at DSKL

Ordering new books

Above you will find the current requirement lists for the textbooks for the coming school year 2024 / 2025.

Please use these lists to place your order directly with our supplier. From now on, Piefke-Trading offers exclusively for us in Malaysia an order page for the German School Kuala Lumpur. You can set the appropriate filters on his site and make a selection of the books you need.

For secondary school students, the books can be delivered to school (whether you specify the DSKL or the LFKL does not matter), with distribution taking place in the first week. Delivery to the home address is also possible.

Special note for parents of primary school students:

Please have all work materials sent to the school (LFKL HEVEA building) so that the materials can be prepared by the teachers.

reserving 2nd hand books

Additionally, we at DSKL continue to offer the transfer of 2nd hand books. You can easily reserve these in the online store (category “used books”). The books are posted as soon as they have been donated by parents for this purpose. As a result, the offer varies constantly. It is therefore worth checking back often.

You can hand in your book donations at any time at reception or at the Guard House.

Info: The used book offer of the DSKL school store is aimed exclusively at active members of the DSM and is limited to one copy per student of each book offered per order. All reservations will be checked first and then confirmed as soon as possible. Reservations can only be made for books for the following school year. We ask for your understanding.

If you need support and/or have any questions, please contact