Social Work at School

Here at DSKL, Anne Quambusch, Grad. Psychologist is our liaison person for students, parents and teachers.

Social work at school is aimed at providing professional assistance to everyone who is engaged in everyday school life through counselling and support in challenging situations and acute crises (conflicts in class or at home, marginalization, mobbing, etc.). In addition, Ms Quambusch also supports us on issues related to education and life matters as well as in conversations with teachers. 

• Advancement of personality development of students
• Strengthening social competency of children and adolescents
• Providing teacher support (for instance socio-educational exercises in classes)
• Supporting parents in school and educational matters  
• Conflict management, collaborative search for solutions
• Promoting a positive atmosphere at school

Confidentiality and willingness to accept support are paramount principles in counselling.

Anne Quambusch
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