Parent Representative Council

At the beginning of each school year, the Parent Representative Council members are elected. The Parent Council is considered to be the mouthpiece of the parents and aims at facilitating communication between parents and the school. The Council will gather ideas, can make suggestions and raise concerns, put forward proposals for changes and also complaints from parents on areas affecting the school and will then forward them to the school management, administration or the teachers and/or educators concerned during regular meetings.    

Moreover, the Parent Representative Council is committed to act on issues related to school buses, provision of lunch, school uniforms, steering committee, homework or the satisfactory survey. With the active support of parents, the Council engages in school events and festivities as well. To keep abreast of all happenings in the school community, the Parent Council partakes in board meetings and is thus able to report first-hand on current school developments.    

Parents will have the opportunity to be continuously updated on the activities of the Parent  Representative Council via the minutes of the meetings.