DSKL Kindergarten

Daily Program

We instil in our children a strong sense of security and orientation through a structured daily program. However, within this structured routine we adopt a flexible approach. The children’s individual needs, ideas, questions and queries as well as their very own topics take priority and are of utmost importance in shaping the day.

Free play is an important part of our everyday life, thus our morning begins with "free play". During this time, the children are free to choose the place, the activities, the time and their playmates autonomously. They may play with children of their own group and/or may also move to different rooms of the Kindergarten.

During "free play" we provide

  • a stimulating, diverse learning environment.
  • a beautifully set breakfast table where the children eat their own breakfast they usually bring to Kindergarten.Once a month we offer a breakfast buffet together with the children.
  • language support in small groups.
  • educational programs and project work.
  • one hour of Pre-school activities daily for children in their final year of Kindergarten.
Sports activities are held on Mondays in the gym of DSKL. All children are required to come to Kindergarten wearing their DSKL sports attire with sneakers; Pre-school children will proceed straight to the gym.

Activities in the garden form an equally important part of our day in Kindergarten. Every day we walk through our beautiful garden surrounding the Kindergarten. On Wednesdays the children can enjoy outdoor play with cool water in a paddling pool and tubs. We are committed to ensuring nutritious food for our children therefore they bring each day some fruits for our fruit basket to Kindergarten. After the outdoor activities we will all take a small fruit snack from the basket.  

At the heart of our educational work is our daily morning circle on chairs with many diverse activities offered to our children. Encouraging children’s shared experiences, both groups will meet every first Tuesday of the month for a joint circle together.

We realize the importance for children to develop a positive relationship with the natural world therefore we take our children to the nearby park Taman Aman. On large meadows and beautiful play grounds children have ample opportunities to engage in free stimulating movements. Play is a crucial element of children’s development, thus we encourage our children to bring their own toy to Kindergarten on our special toy day, every Thursday of the month.

To promote German language competency in children with non-native German background, we provide special language immersion sessions (Sprachbad) on certain days. We will have lunch together on those days. Our children have the opportunity to choose their extracurricular activities from a wide range of AG’s offered at Kindergarten. To instil a sense of community and belonging in our children, we will have lunch together.

Kindergarten children may also utilize our DSKL school bus transfer service upon prior arrangement.